Tiger Woods Tells Houston Film Crew He’s No Longer “Stupidest Man In America”

A Happy Tiger Woods talks to TVMan, Inc.

Tiger Woods finally has something to smile about.

“This is the greatest day in my life,” said Tiger Woods during an exclusive interview with Houston TV production company TVMan, Inc.

“I got the call yesterday and its official.  I am no longer the “Stupidest Man in America”, smiled Woods.

Woods made the statements in an interview with TVMan, Inc. senior producer, Bernadette Faucher.  Two other media outlets ESPN, and The Golf Channel also talked with Woods but neither focused on Tiger losing the title.

Oscar Winner Sandra Bullock with "The Stupidest Man in America"

The title has been passed to TV personality, Jesse James, husband of Oscar winner Sandra Bullock.

The award for James comes after tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee’s claims of an 11-month affair with him as Bullock was shooting her Oscar Winning movie role.


“The vote wasn’t even close,” said Lance Soderland, chairman of the committee that regulates the title of “The Stupidest Man in America”.

“Its going to be tough for someone to unseat James over this one,” continued Soderland, “you can’t cheat on America’s sweetheart and get away with it… especially with that (referring to McGee).”

While Woods loses his title, he’ll still be honored.

“I’m sure Tiger will be a first round inductee into the “Stupidest Men In America Hall of Fame” when the committee meets this fall,” said Soderland.

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TVMan, Inc. is a full service Houston TV Commercial production company


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