"Jersey Shore" Seeks Marketing Help From Houston TV Production Company TVMan, Inc.

MTV, producer’s of the popular reality show Jersey Shore, has tapped Houston Tv Production Company, TVMan, Inc. for help in marketing its number one show.

The show moves its production from Seaside Beach, New Jersey to Miami, Florida next season.  The move is the least of producers’ worries.

“Why do we need help?,” said MTV business development executive Antoniett Udinese , “have you seen this show? Sure its a money maker for us but these kids could self destruct at any minute.  We need to soak every penny from them while we have time. That’s why we hired TVMan, Inc.”

“We’ve come up with a plan for MTV that will bring in millions very quickly”, said TVman, Inc. marketing director Renato Sicciliano.  ”We want MTV to adopt a NASCAR strategy with these kids,” said Sicciliano.

The plan calls for selling the kids’ nicknames to major sponsors.  For example, show favorite Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, will now be known strictly as “The Home Depot”.

“Each time he lifts his shirt viewers will not only see his sculpted abs,” said  Ilaria Pugliesi an account rep at TVMan, inc, “but you’ll also see a tool belt you can purchase at The Home Depot.  Its pure genius.”

TVMan, Inc. has locked in deals with almost all the cast including Jenni “J-WOWW” Farley.

“Jenni will now be known as Jenni ‘Walmart’ Farley,”, said Margherita Sabbatini, a creative director for TVMan, Inc who has also designed  sponsor tattoos for the kids.  ”We’ll have these kids looking like cars at Daytona,” chuckled Sabbatini.

The only Jersey Shore kid to not have a sponsorship locked down is Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

“She’s been the toughest sell,” said  Anna Napolitano,TVMan Director of Research and Planning.  ”Some sponsors find her behavior a risk to their product’s image,” said Napolitano.

So far the only company that has shown the slightest interest in sponsoring “Snooki’ has been Novartis, makers of the laxative  Ex Lax.

“This is the best deal we could negotiate for her,” said Eric Feerrari, business attorney for TVMan, Inc.

However Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has refused the offer.

“I’ve been Snooki all my life,” yelled Polizzi. “Now they want me to change my name to “Smooth Move”, no ‘freakin way, they can wipe my a@#.”

Learn more about TVMan, inc. at: http://www.tvmanonline.com

TVMan, Inc. is a full service Houston TV Commercial production company


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  1. clearly, thisisajoke Says:

    This is BULLLLLLLSHIT… u belive this.. u are a SUCKA

  2. fabian Says:

    haha this is funny

  3. whatever Says:

    That sounds stupid. I don’t think this is real. Also, Jwow already has her own trademark. They are the ones looking to cash in.

  4. Msattler Says:

    Are you kidding me? If you think you know everything, you should know that TVMan, Inc. is one of the top production companies in Houston. Pull yourself away from a blog for just one second and check out their work.

  5. tvmanonline Says:

    That’s very kind of you. We’re very proud of our work.

    Your parents raised one smart person.

  6. TwoPop Says:

    Hey, are you guys hiring? I’m looking for a place that specializes in video production service in Houston!

  7. tvmanonline Says:

    We are hiring kitchen staff right now. Please fax over a resume.

  8. jwoww maxim Says:

    well im in school and i wanna to know how many of you like the jersey shore? Jwoww is totally my idol.

  9. tvmanonline Says:

    Love jwoww but Snookie is our fav.

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